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Please join me at my new website

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June 24, 2012 · 6:18 am

Last Post

There will be no music, no fanfare, but simply a big THANK YOU to all those who visited this blog site, and the many who passed along their thoughts and comments. And for me it is not the end, but a beginning of something new. Based on the 52 blogs I posted here, my tweets on Twitter and some technology research, I have completed the first draft of a new book. I hope to have the book edited and released as an e-book by August 2012. The format for the new book is unique and unlike any traditional textual book found in bookstores or on the Internet. I will now devote my free? time to developing this new idea. Information is available on my website: I hope you will join me and be a part of the implementation phase–I am certain you will find it intriguing. It would be most appreciated if you could visit my new website and pass along any comments.

Namaste, Richard

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