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Quantum Physics 101 – Part II

Quantum physicists have discovered that sub-atomic particles of energy when split in half in a laboratory setting have the ability to communicate with each other after they are separated, without any regard to distance and time.  Energy, as we now know it in the quantum world, doesn’t need time to travel through space. This new concept contradicts the previously upheld notion of Newtonian physics that nothing travels faster than light energy.

Armed with this new information we can go even further. Our thoughts, which are energy, are broadcast outward into the infinite field of wave energy like a TV signal.  Human thought if properly focussed, has the ability to affect and change physicality. Our thoughts interact with the physical world, whether or not we know it. Quantum Physics has ultimately proves the existence of cosmic consciousness. “There is little doubt that human intention is capable of interacting with physical matter, and that focussed thought could affect literally everything.” (Lynne Mctaggart’s, The Intention Experiment). “This is observed in simple experiments on the growth rate of plants, direction of fish swimming in a bowl, the manner in which cells divide in a Petri  dish (Random Event Generators” ( http://www.damninteresting.com/random-event-generators-predict-the-future). Human thought can literally transform our physical world.

The obvious conclusion is that our thoughts are creative. We have the power to transmute these energy forms based on our interaction, understanding and perceptions. Do we understand the importance of this? If we do, it will have a major impact on every aspect of our life. We are the artist that paints the picture. We are the producer and director of our own movie. If we do not like the scenes that are being played out in our movie we can change the script which was originally our creation. If we desire to change the events, conditions, and circumstances in our life we only need to change our thoughts.

Quantum Physics has shed a new light on our reality. With this acquired knowledge we fully understand that we are responsible for all events, conditions and circumstances that make up our lives.



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