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Turning the Self Inside Out: A Self-Discovery Guide for Gen Y. Enlighten your life, enliven your experiences, and enhance your well-being. This simple, yet effective guidebook takes you on an inner journey, unlocks the essence of your being, and can help you make personal changes. By reading, reflecting, and following author Richard Longworth’s suggested actions; you will become more aware and better acquainted with your inner self and gain a happier, more productive, more meaningful life. Based on the twelve paradigms of abundance, completeness, presence, intention, reality, effort, learning, control, time, health, relationships, and self-actualization, Turning the Self Inside Out is your guide to a new awakening. It includes methods to:• Develop stronger relationships • Ensure better health • Maximize learning • Reengineer your thinking • Uncover a new power • Design a recipe for success • Find more meaningful education • Develop strategies effortlessly • Work and be successful • Utilize time effectively • Become self-actualized • Discover your purpose for life. Targeted toward Generation Y, Turning the Self Inside Out asks you to examine who you are, how you think, and how you experience life. These reflections can contribute to change and have the potential for turning yourself inside out.

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