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June 24, 2012 · 6:18 am

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There will be no music, no fanfare, but simply a big THANK YOU to all those who visited this blog site, and the many who passed along their thoughts and comments. And for me it is not the end, but a beginning of something new. Based on the 52 blogs I posted here, my tweets on Twitter and some technology research, I have completed the first draft of a new book. I hope to have the book edited and released as an e-book by August 2012. The format for the new book is unique and unlike any traditional textual book found in bookstores or on the Internet. I will now devote my free? time to developing this new idea. Information is available on my website: I hope you will join me and be a part of the implementation phase–I am certain you will find it intriguing. It would be most appreciated if you could visit my new website and pass along any comments.

Namaste, Richard

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Quantum Physics 101 – Part II

Quantum physicists have discovered that sub-atomic particles of energy when split in half in a laboratory setting have the ability to communicate with each other after they are separated, without any regard to distance and time.  Energy, as we now know it in the quantum world, doesn’t need time to travel through space. This new concept contradicts the previously upheld notion of Newtonian physics that nothing travels faster than light energy.

Armed with this new information we can go even further. Our thoughts, which are energy, are broadcast outward into the infinite field of wave energy like a TV signal.  Human thought if properly focussed, has the ability to affect and change physicality. Our thoughts interact with the physical world, whether or not we know it. Quantum Physics has ultimately proves the existence of cosmic consciousness. “There is little doubt that human intention is capable of interacting with physical matter, and that focussed thought could affect literally everything.” (Lynne Mctaggart’s, The Intention Experiment). “This is observed in simple experiments on the growth rate of plants, direction of fish swimming in a bowl, the manner in which cells divide in a Petri  dish (Random Event Generators” ( Human thought can literally transform our physical world.

The obvious conclusion is that our thoughts are creative. We have the power to transmute these energy forms based on our interaction, understanding and perceptions. Do we understand the importance of this? If we do, it will have a major impact on every aspect of our life. We are the artist that paints the picture. We are the producer and director of our own movie. If we do not like the scenes that are being played out in our movie we can change the script which was originally our creation. If we desire to change the events, conditions, and circumstances in our life we only need to change our thoughts.

Quantum Physics has shed a new light on our reality. With this acquired knowledge we fully understand that we are responsible for all events, conditions and circumstances that make up our lives.


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Quantum Physics 101 – Part I

Have you heard the term Quantum Physics? Perhaps just the mere mention of ‘quantum’, or worse, ‘physics’, has put you off reading any further on the subject. However, if you have more than a passing interest in spirituality, mysticism, conscious awareness, finding your life purpose, you need to read this article. I will attempt to keep it simple, particularly, since I have only a superficial understanding of the topic;  but,  I promise you will find the topic INTRIGUING. Quantum physics is the science that gives a lot of credence to spirituality!

Quantum Physics will give you a concrete foundation of how life forces affect your everyday interactions.  By combining quantum physics with spirituality you will gain a more comprehensive picture of reality. For me, it has been a point where science and spirituality intersect. The explanation is somewhat lengthy but well worth the read. Let us begin our exploration of quantum physics.

One acceptable definition of Quantum Physics is the study of everything that makes up the universe, which includes both the manifested (physical) as well as the unmanifested (non physical). More simply, it is an in-depth study of the building blocks of the universe.

We learned in school, that everything in the physical world is made up of molecules. Quantum physics goes a few steps beyond the molecular structure. In fact the molecular element that we studied in school can be further broken down into atoms, then sub divided even further into sub-atomic particles. You may have heard that these sub-atomic particles are comprised of: photons, electrons, neutrons, and quarks.

So what are sub-atomic particles? Simply, a whirl of uniform energy. Anything and everything which exists in the entire universe, when broken down and analyzed into its purest and most basic form, is merely a vibrating frequency of energy.  These energy forms exist throughout the whole universe and are composed of the same harmonious frequency. Previously, you may have thought that there are different forms of energy:  The energy that powers your home, the energy required to get out of bed, and the energy that fuels your car. Although they may have been explained to you as “many energies”, at their core are all made up of ‘one energy’. Everything that exists: sound, colors, oxygen, the wind, thoughts, emotions, your car, your physical body, the stars, your ability to see, hear, smell, etc., exist precisely as a result of this very same one energy.

Quantum physicists study these sub-atomic particles. They have found that the behaviour of photons and neutrons are far from straightforward. These sub-atomic elements sometimes act like a hard solid entity, and at other times, behave as a wave form. How it appears, is determined by the human observer. Yes, you read correctly—we affect the outcome of these particles. Even more intriguing these particles do not act in isolation. In the quantum world, there is no such thing as separation, everything is interrelated. Once these atomic particles interact with one other they are forever connected, no matter how far apart they might be. They will always be affected collectively.

This realization in quantum physics suggests that in the sub-atomic world, as is in the spiritual world, there is no separation between our own consciousness and the world ‘out there’. As a result, the traditional belief that the objective scientist, observing and recording results stands apart from the experiment is a myth.  The observer, the scientist, who is conducting an experiment, interacts and changes the behaviour of particles. The conclusion is that these subatomic particles responded in exact proportion to the thoughts and beliefs of the scientist when studying the phenomena. It is a fascinating concept, and well worth investigating further.



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